Sunday, January 18, 2015

getting together too fast?

sometimes just feel like it is just too fast, getting my head too fast into it. Should have thought for second times, what had happened has happened.. nothing much can do. just let it be and flow by the water.

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Money Spending Month to Come

bad things happens sometimes..
this matter really let me experience what is true friend, who is the one I should trust next time.
The world is naive, but the humans are complicated. This sentence really make sense.
the feeling when I need support the most but in the end got nothing. that feeling..really make my heart break.
Cry doesn't solve the problem, move on is the solution.
the word be myself, should not use it any more, in this world, be the one everyone want you to be. Soon, you will lost yourself. and no meaning living in this world any more.

Money is for us to spend, buy things we desire. is time to spend all the money I have before I don't have the chance to spend soon. Guess this world is just too big for me to live.
Well, IPAD! SONY TABLET Z2! buy luxury gifts for every person who close to me! yeah!

Friday, February 28, 2014

the hard feeling

it is not i want to feel so isolated. is because what your reaction and action made me feel insecure, you are changing, i can feel that. The gaps is getting bigger, my worries is becoming wider and wider. When will this stop? it is about US. not alone. maybe when Im not around, you will be more happier.



Monday, December 30, 2013

14th Buffday of My youngest Brother

20.12.13- its 20th of Dec, my little brother buffday

When we grown up, we will start to be mature. Thinking of those days the eldest always treats those youngsters during their birthday or any festival celebration. Is it a must for the eldest to treat the youngster? Well, I do think is one of the way to make communication works and create bond. Spending money to make each other closer is actually a natural phenomena in our daily life.
I always think of what can I do to make my bond with my family members closer.HMM~~
Maybe because my siblings are all brothers, that's why there is a gap between us. I felt it is due to a man ego-ness? haha.. 
During my childhood, I still can get to play lots of masak-masak ( children toys). But when I look into my little brother, there isn't any masak-masak he could play of. He makes me feel I'm really should appreciate what I have during my childhood. My parent indirectly taught me I should start to care of my brothers always. As I'm growing, they do grow older. Limitation always happened in any perspective of our activities. I do hope I can help to ease my family burden very very soon.
back to the headline of TODAY!! I brought my brother and my sweet girlfriend for a movie as a treat for his birthday. We watched " Frozen" !! Its kinda nice especially OLAF aka the little cutie snowman~~
Afterthat we went for our family dinner, its been a tradition in my family that on any of our birthday, we will be going out for a dinner. After arguing where to go for dinner, finally we enter the restaurant that has been our family favourite- RESTORAN ANIKARAGAM (AH NEH) it is really sound like Indian restaurant, but ta da~ Its a chinese restaurant.

fried sotong

smashed ginger Fish

Tie Pan Oyster Eggs

macam YES ~~ tapi BUKAN ~~ haha

Curry Prawn

Zap Choi

So so so full after dinner. So we decided to have a walk at dataran pahlawan. Heard it has been halfway of renovation but already have a few shops started operating. Thats been a long since my last dating with all my family members in Dataran Pahlawan. I was "WOW" when I first saw the exterior of the newly renovated shops in DP. They are more and more luxurious shop in there. ALDO, Charles & Keiths, UNIQLO and etc.

We reach there too late, so we only manage to walk for 1hour cause we will be stuck in a massive jam if we do not leave earlier. A birthday wouldn't be perfect without a cake. But too bad, according to God's belief, my brother can't blow candle and cut cake for this year. However, we still have a special cake for him!! haha.. Well, after dp, we went to a dessert shop that we have never been, SWEET HUT (sounds like sweet heart). We ordered the shop most famous cake - LARVA CAKE 心太软. For me ,is just so so only. The price is just over priced. Not much choices as the price is really "low".