Monday, August 23, 2010

My heart says : .....

i thought u are not in my heart anymore..
but i stil failed to denied it..
u r alwis in my heart..
there has been bout more than half a year i nvr met u..
i stil cant 4get everything bout u..
ur smiling face,ur every action & movement,i stil cant 4get..
i jz bluffing myself all d while..
and i did sumtin wrong 4 2nd times..
i dont wan to do anytin wrong anymore..


I love d way i live..

after a few months in form6,i found out is not easy to survive in f6..
las time i saw my bro so pia,everyday come bac lock himself in d room n start studying..i tot was nth in f6..
n now i jz noe tat f6's life aint easy..
d homework r jz waiting for u to complete everyday,
when finished 1,d nex wan come..

somehow in d morning,sometimes i feel i cant breathe,
it seems like i gonna gav up my life..NO!!!..
i wont giv up easily,i wanna get good result!!!...
starting from august i will pia 4 my final!!..
3.8,i want u!!...
i love d way i live now,i dwan any relationship anymore,i jz wanna live alone,with all my precious frenz..
alone is better than having partner...
now,my partner will b d "no-mouth" teacher---books!!!wee~hehe^^