Sunday, September 26, 2010


i stil dunno what i wan from myself..
is jz freak out me out of this world..
i jz aint matured enugh..
y i cant control myself?..
nowadays d oni way i can release my anger on speeding...
is jz like my feeling..speeding all d time..

Monday, September 13, 2010

[I changed]

who I am?
I hav been thinking of my life,my everythings that had happened from since I born til now..
and I found out I changed..
the life of mine before I met you..I am vy active..friendly..and likes to make friends around...
mayb a TRUE LOVE does make a persons grown up..
but this is not the ending I want at all...
last time if there is any gathering,I will be d one who alwis attend..
but now..I will be d 1 who will nvr attend..
last time if there is any outing,I will follow up even is jz an hour or min..
but now..dont bother bout it..
the life of mine now is boring..full of loneliness..full of disatisfication..
I changed because of you..
can I ever be the 1 who I am last time?I need explanation.

~life without worries~

Sunday, September 5, 2010


2day woke up at about 12sumtin..
actually planned to wake up early to meet up serene and her UCSI's friends at TAIWAN NOODLES...
but then overslept..haha^^..sorry serene,looks like i ffk for d 1st time..hehe
do my maths after having my breakfast..

arghh...maths!!!y r u stil cant co-op wid me??
u r driving me nuts!!!

after tuition,is time to relax!!!
went to fetch a yu..then v go watch movie...
it was 6.20pm movie...PIRANNA...
well,how m i gonna describe bout this movie??
damn shitty disgusting!!!!i got no appetite after watching it..
i admit i got shocked 4 2 times...but a yu...hehe...she dunno got shocked how many times!!...haha..poor a yu,til dn dare to watch..i nid to help her close her eyes from preventing her to watch sum disgusting human flesh teared part..
and lastly she screamed!!!.....wahahaha...1st time i met this..and 1st fren to scream bside me when watch movie..
but i hav to thumbs up for this so freaking nice and scary and disgusting!!...
guys,u all should watch this with ur gf...haha...bcoz she will hug u when watching this movie..
after movie,v went to eat XXXL fried chicken chop..
and head to her house...
stayed at her house for bout 2hours and play...

04.09.2010 [ahmad's day]

1stly morning went to Farewell Party with siong wai...
this is d 1st time i organise farewell party and 1st time farewell party at vegetarian restaurant... jz bcoz is a MHS buddhist society no choice >.<
after the farewell party,me,ken & mel went to popular for a while...
aftertat i pick shawty serene bac to take her cloths..mana tau when reach her OKW's house she told me nid to fetch another 2 frens..but my car oni fit for 5 sorry...sent my mum bac to office..and serene got interviewed from my mum..hahahaha..
and end up i kena "boom" by serene bac..
after sending ken bac to his house,change plan..fetch serene's frens to her grandma's shop..and my mum told me to fetch my bro to tuition and i 4get bout it!!..shit!!!...
rush bac to ofice and sent him ti tuition...
i'm so exhausted...actually i wanna study econs wan..
end up i sleeping..wahahhaa...
woke up tat time is ad 5pm..go bac home...

play fifa again..arghhh,i jz addicted to fifa...
at night bout 9sumtin went to fetch serene's frenz again,this time lagi shitty,my petrol is empty...luckily i'm on time to pump petrol..pheww~
ok,sent them to jonker and it was hardly to find a parking...
well,it was so hot in jonker..and so many ppl were there...
after walk walk walk walk....finally v went to Pak Putra..
serene!!!stil remember d hon??..hehe....
finished their nan at pak putra so v head bac to their temporarily house..
hav a talk with serene and see their room..and finally 1sumtin reach home and do some stuff til 3sumtin and Zzzzzz....

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

d fallen night on 01.09.2010

had a great night today.
after my luxurious dinner,i eventually went to my elder sista to meet her up.
although is just a simple farewell,no $$ but warm enough.
tomorrow she will be leaving malacca once again after 6months back to home sweet home.
this time she will be leaving malacca for 2 years..T.T
i'm so gonna miss her badly.
Jie,please do take care of yourself when you at there,hope your bf will treat you better than me.

tonight will be another night that i will remember in my life,I hope you will remember too.
our memories remain memories