Sunday, May 11, 2014

Money Spending Month to Come

bad things happens sometimes..
this matter really let me experience what is true friend, who is the one I should trust next time.
The world is naive, but the humans are complicated. This sentence really make sense.
the feeling when I need support the most but in the end got nothing. that feeling..really make my heart break.
Cry doesn't solve the problem, move on is the solution.
the word be myself, should not use it any more, in this world, be the one everyone want you to be. Soon, you will lost yourself. and no meaning living in this world any more.

Money is for us to spend, buy things we desire. is time to spend all the money I have before I don't have the chance to spend soon. Guess this world is just too big for me to live.
Well, IPAD! SONY TABLET Z2! buy luxury gifts for every person who close to me! yeah!