Tuesday, March 24, 2009

24.03.2009-Hang out wid heng dai(s)

2day was a cloudy day...
after 3rd period,i had nth better 2 do start 2 think of what is friend..
this question was asked by my 3sis...
so i was thinking thinking & think bout it..
n during maths period i start 2 write an "essay" entitled "FRIEND"..
what is friend??....
this blog will b post up in my blog after i finished d "essay"...hehe..but in mandarin vers.
after skol...i went out wid all my heng dai(s) & watched "DRAGONBALL EVOLUTION"..
b4 d movie start,v snap a few pics outside d cinema..hahaha..^.^will upload d pic soon..
erm,d movie is abit boring...& d most unforgetful things is v had fun in & out of d toilet..hahaha...
tat was so funny mann...i laughing nonstop lo...haha...
d 1st funny things is tat de sensor water tap...haha..
then 2nd funny things is bcoz outside of d toilet is 2 smelly ad,after v went in n used d toilet,v count 1,2 & 3...chiong ar!!!....all of us ran out from d toilet & like mad persons running out from d lorong..wakkakakaka,..d scene was damn funny mann...hahahahaa...^.^
aftertat v went 2 hav our lunch at McD...after our lunch,v went bac 2 skol,but sum of our heng dai emo n walk alone,duno walk go where...hahaha..later on both Tan(s) went bac..then left 4persons...v went 4 sports shops & saw 1 Nike spike shoes..it was cool mann!!..
aftertat v went bac skol then start 2 clean my PRO(public relation officer) cupboard as d souvenirs is start 2 overflow d cupboard..
s v cleaning,v saw sum souvenirs can b light up,so v light,d most beautiful thing is 1 of d souvenir has alots of matches,so v light it up..
foo!!!!....damn nice lo...1by 1 lighted up..but is vy smelly..hahahaha...
later on,1 by1 went bac home..n my blog 2day ends at here..

[basketball team]

[BRO'S 4ever]

[hope v wil hang out again like tis sumdays....Broship 4ever!!,....2day i & my heng dai skipped chinese class...hehe]

Sunday, March 22, 2009

2009 6th Fort Scout's Campfire..21.03.2009

after 5days of helping scouts 2 build up d gadjet,doing all the passes & souvenirs by Xianyi...
is finally d day tat v had been waiting..
21.03.2009 is our las year 2 attend SFI's 6th Fort Scout's Campfire..
is kinda tired when tieing d gadjet,but is worth when v saw d gadjet is built up & standing in front of us..
alots of memories I had wid all my heng dai/bros..I'll not 4get all d memories v had..
sumtimes mayb v had argue,but our Broship wil not b affected...
Bro's 4ever!!...

d SFI's 6th Fort Scout Campfire was started at 6.30,all d units arrived n lastly d arrivals of Guest of Honour...
d campfire was started wid d march in of d juniors of Scouts carrying d flag n salute d Guest of Honour then d flag was put on d post n pulled up..later on is speech from d Chairman of d campfire,ATL1:Alvin Poh..then speech from Mr.Ong..
later is d fireball wic means d opening ceremony of campfire...
d fireball was succes..
later on is all d dances lo...
then performance from live sum bands n they sang " I'M YOURS & 稻香"..
d song was so nice...
aftertat was sketch by d form4's ..
is quite funny...good job form4s..^.^
after sum dances then is time 2 say goodbye/sayonara...
tis wil b my memories of d 1st campfire i had attend..
Good Job SFI's 6th Fort Scout!!!!....

here r sum of pics took from d campfire...

[at d gateway...[wai,siang,me,brend,xianyi & jameson]

[standing on d obstacles]

[souvenirs done by Xianyi]

[d obstacles]

[left side : boy, right side: gurls]

[d stage done by Bro's!!]

[night scene of stage]


[dancing around]

[n dancing]

tis r few pics tat v took it after v cut all d nipah's leaves...
it was at in a vy vy vy deep inside ujong pasir there..hahaa...

Monday, March 9, 2009

my 1st monthly test result...

finally got bac my 1st monthly test result..
nt so satisfied...


mz work hard 4 d next test ad...T.T