Sunday, March 6, 2011

hate it when it come to this problem

i hate this..dunno what to say bout this..gone thru so many years of academic..
n what i get now is studying f6 in MHS..
starting from standard 6 oni 4A's...then PMR straight..aftertat fell 6A'S in SPM ( which is a year that i had gone through wid various kind of pain )..
and this is the last year i gonna decide my future..STPM..
if i couldnt get 3.7 above..seriously,i dunno what i wanna be anymore..

izzit true that i gonna die young?..
so what m i studying so muc for..
bcoz of this fucking fact..i hav to think twice b4 i do anything..
even in relationship..
i dwanna be selfish..
since i'm leaving better not to start any relationship wid any girls..
even how i truly love this girl..
i wouldnt wan to be selfish..

you are the only girl i'll wan to propose to..
no one else can replace you in my heart..
but you recently really make me heart pain n worry all the time..
i'm tired..