Sunday, July 14, 2013

Belated Father's and Mother's Day Celebration

well, it's been a long time I didn't update my blog since my last post.
after resting for a period, it's time to revive my blog.
let's start with the celebration that should be celebrate on the 2nd week of May and 3rd week of Jun.
Ever since I entered UUM, I have missed out a few significant celebration or festive celebration with my family and love one.
So I promised to get my parent to have a dinner together. And then I followed chinese tradition, usually any important day for a chinese family, we will be going to any restaurant that serves chinese cuisine foods.
Finally after discussion with parent, we have chosen to have our F&M Day celebration at Good World Restaurant (好世界餐馆) .
The latest trend, where people nowadays like to do when the waitress serves up the dishes on the table, snap the picture of foods and post it up. Well, I respect the eldest one, so did not take any photo of the dishes we ordered earlier.
We called tai gong(great grandfather),ah po (grandmother) and aunt 6 to have dinner together with us.
As people said, the more the meriah ^^

My family without my eldest brother who were encountering exam

My family and my girlfriend

the story has not end yet.. tee hee..
I planned a surprise birthday celebration for my girlfriend where her birthday had past long time ago.
After family dinner, we went to Ice Town at Kota Laksamana, a dessert shop which sells snow ice dessert.
So I asked my family for a favour to buy a cake and leave it inside the car and I will find any chance to get in to the car to take the cake.
As planned, my family enter the shop, and I said I wanted to take something from the car.
At first it was success until when I want to light up the candle, my girlfriend was going to the toilet and she already saw me doing that.
Aiks... no  more surprise...
But I pretend she never saw it and stick to the plan.
Lastly celebrated her birthday together with my family. ^^
Baby, Happy 21st Birthday !! =) I love you.

Gift from me to baby 

End of the celebration.. me and baby