Monday, May 30, 2011

fast 5!!!!!

thumbs up for this movie!!!!
i wanna watch another time!!!!
lexus lfa,mustang gt,nissan skyline gtr,koenissegg agera!!!omg!!!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

wesak wesak wesak!!!!

ok,2day is 15,and tmolo will be 16th of MAY,wic is wesak day!!!
wee~MHS has done their task..
so 2molo will be d big day for all of us!!


Tuesday, May 10, 2011

hawtu hawtu hawtu!!!!!!!! & blood donation

its freaking hawt hawt hawt hawt!!!!!!!!!!
this few days started to hot again,and it seems like its not raining for a few days will be a vy vy vy big raining day once its rain..
OMG!..i'm sweating from morning till night..until i sleep i'm still sweating!!...
i cant stand of it!!!arghhhhh!!!how to concentrate on my studies!!!my air cond hav sick,sometimes halfway will blow out hot air..shitty!!!!
this rising in temperature was caused by burning in indonesia..come on la, you think of ur benefit only???please think for d climate and the others countries!!!


very de hawt arr!!!!!热热热!!

please please please indonesian!!stop burning!!!!

the weather are almost alike as this!!

anyway,today is my 1st time in my life i donated blood!!!wee~~is in our school hall
hehe...1st time...d procedure is jz easy..filled up d form,test blood and ur heart beat..afterthat start donating blood..

actually donating blood is a very good activity to do~
and it doesnt really hurt or pain..just need to be brave a little bit..

 even a dracula do donate blood,y wouldnt u??