Wednesday, January 20, 2010





Monday, January 18, 2010

Undang Test

woke up at bout 6.35am..

then waiting for uncle to fetch me..when he reach,i enter de car..
at 1st i look at d guy sitting in front,i was "eh,looks familiar la..hmm,izit Ratana??.."
then aftertat confirm is him..
and he is faster than me ad,he gonna learn driving for few days then thursday gonna take driving test ad.. T.T
i 2day jz taking undang test oni...
reach MSDC there ad then take no...wait...wait...wait...
every1 was there studying those undang books,but i more,sitting there play my hp's games..haha..
damn boring at there waiting..
wat i wanna say is,"walaowei,d counter de xiao jie...i speechless lo"..
she can shout so loud exist she is in pasar..
no.38,is my turn...i enter and start to do d test..erm,sum questions i nt reli can do..but jz tembak oni..
aftertat tamat sesi!!..

i get 47 out of 50 questions,hehe...every section wrong 1 question..
aftertat saw dom n chi kwang...there were listening amali ad... T.T
haizz...i slower than them again..
later on i back to my dad's office,saw 1 cat...^^
wanted to touch d cat,but d cat was not so friendly..
show fierce face..babi betul..

then go to JPJ to pay roadtax..hav lunch at jusco..
and now in front of laptop blogging,fb-ing,watching海派甜心!!!

ps: i wore my new nike it so muc!!!