Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Christmas Eve & Merry Christmas

-watched Avatar 3D..woohoo!!..first time watch 3D movie,it was a great movie..but then d ticket is expensive too...cost RM17...but worth
-at night 7.30pm went to Fennie's House for Christmas Eve Party...
-aftertat went to Dataran Pahlawan's Field..
-went up to St.Paul Hill
-back to Fennie's house then lim teh until 4am..
-overnight at Ah Wee's was sleeping wid her gf..haha...

~woke up at 12pm..
~went back home and going to Zhi Ming's house..
~4pm - prepare for d Reunion of our primary class 6K
~was so happi to meet my classmates..sum vy handsome jor,sum vy pretty oso..haha..
~had alots of fun wif them..miss them so muc..
~after Reunion,went seaside wif Jing Lin(my close friends as in girls),Ivan,Zhi Ming & Johnathan(Future Air Pistol 10m Athletes) at Portuguese Settlement by walking..
~relax at a small playground..haha..
~went back condominium,4guys & 1girl in 1 room...was being complaint bullying her bcoz don let her to sleep on d bed and end up sleep on d floor & get cold at night

here r those pictures during Reunion :

BBQ under the rain...XD

Zhi Ming has nothing better to do,plan to burn those books but at last nvr burn..

feel hungry??..

our foods & beverages

our master chief on that day Joel(智全)..he likes BBQ alots..haha

his Asst Chief..Kin Mun(建民)..hehe..

Xianyi(贤毅),Chih Jian(企建),Johnathan(冠杰)

Rui Yun (瑞云)

njoying at de pool side

the paparazzi group

main actor of the day : Kong Yaw(恭耀)

guess whats tat?..diamond?? a burnt jelly...

the guys r jz too shy

d girls r most sporting

Christmas Tree

Not ready yet!!

Love You All!!

took a photo wid my gdsis,Huey Yee(惠仪),1st time take pic wid her

well..This will be a sweet memory for me in 2009,having such a funny classmates and hav ourself njoy during d reunion!!..hope there will be more reunion,although i noe it will be more difficult to hav a Reunion again..

Sunday, December 20, 2009

I'm back!!..miss SPM..haha..

finally i'm back...
hav been holidays for one week..
everyday athome oni..haiz...
now got abit miss SPM
mayb ppl will b saying i'm 38..haha..

next movie mayb is AVATAR..wanna watch in 3D but no tickets..

-went for birthday dinner wid my family,cuz,aunt and Grandma at Windmill Station.
-celebrated my youngest bro's birthday at grandma's house
-went to portuguese settlement for a quick photo snapping

ah boy & alvin

alsen,ah boy,guan yi,mcqueen

christmas tree

-woke up at
-on9 til 6pm
-weehoo..2day do tang 1st,my dad put too muc water until all d flour damn sticky.but i hav more xperience,so i asked himtoadd more flour..aftertat he ask me to i jz do lo,add flour non stop..yucks,d flour reali damn sticky...but aftertat i stil manage to makeit success..
then v start to make tang yuan lo..
after doing 4plates of white colour de,then start to do pink colour tang yuan...hmm...
finally finish..

white tang yuan

4plates is complete

my hand

start d pink tang yuan