Saturday, October 23, 2010

[shopping list]

i'm memorising my business...
and end up i'm here blogging and listening to Glee cast show's songs-Dont stop believin..hehe

well my birthday had passed..and no present received this year..
sound sad..but what to do..
ppl's 18 mayb more enjoyable than mine..
who cares!!..
at least i gained an xperience..

so i was thinking what i want to get for myself after my final...
ok so start with accesories..
  • WATCH{prefer silver colour or white,classic looks,non-digital at all!!,bullets wrist,clip lock,mayb RM200++}
  • FOOTBALL{erm,lets c,b4 this i bought AFC's ball but lost,thx to my elder bro for making it lost,so i will hav a new wan,i will stil stick to the 1 i had marked for few months,red/yellow veer mercurial,RM60}
  • NECKLACE{not a cheap wan definitely,PHITEN,which content of titanium which can produce energy for active person like me,RM200++}
{RED PHITEN necklace}

any of this colour,but prefer the red wan
Red Veer Mercurial



Tissot,prefer this kind of design
to get all this stuff,i will save $$$$ to buy it myself..!!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

what is the feeling of yours?

a few quite simple questions..

1.whats ur feeling when ur fren hang out without telling u?
2.whats ur feeling when ur fren gonna do a surprise party for a birthday girl/boy without asking u whther wanna join ant?
3.whats ur feeling when u saw their happy pics without u?
4.whats ur feeling when u did so muc for them b4 and there is no return for u?
5.whats ur feeling when ur best fren doesnt celebrate birthday with but with another fren tat doesn't really close?
6.whats ur feeling when u hav nth to do,but instead ur fren are out there njoying hanging out happily?
7.what will u feel if u ard think that there is no true fren?
8.what will u feel when ur fren dump u at aside n find u whenever they wanna use u?

is not too late to realise..

when i on9..saw some pics..
my heart is hurt..not bcoz of friend..
d prob keep hunting me..
how com they will did that...
until i study halfway cant tahan n straight punch on my cupboard..
feel more relax after that punch..
at night confess to jie ad oni feel more comfortable..

more pics were uploaded..
i was like..
jz let it b ba..suan le ba..
mayb my ren yuan really not that good..
with/without me,they stil can b vy hapi..
so whats d point i did so muc..
nex time..dn b so naive anymore ALVIS CHAN!!!...

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

time flies faster than light..

i have to co-op with de time and not waiting for d time to co-op wid me..
my future depends on this & nex year..
i have to make miracles..