Wednesday, September 30, 2009

SPM TRIAL paper got back..


got back my test paper result ad..

dunno what to comment about it..

but many friends speechless when i told them..haha..

before holiday got back my maths

then monday got back BM,SEJARAH..

maths : 96 A1
BM : 70 ngam ngam A2
SEJ : oso 70 ngam ngam A2

tuesday got back Add maths..

i stil got another 2marks to get A2,get 69,i & aaron pin both get 69..

so both of us keep on searching for d 2marks..hahahah..,u vy funny lo,keep on begging teacher and say that teacher i will gai guo de..lolx..

cute la you..haha..luckily both of us found 2marks,and get A2..yeah!!...haha...

so far now got 1 A1,3 A2 & 1B4.. chinese really jialat..get oni 57...really nid to improve it..

2molo got PJ...weehoo!!!...

~miss you,*S*..~

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

happy to see you smile

decision can be change..

this few days really happy..

can see u smile..u really looks so charming..


Jz wanna tell you..I really happy to see u can be happy again..

hope everything will go smoothly..I love you..C**

Sunday, September 20, 2009

GIVE UP ON my decision

18.09.2009 is the day i had made this final decision...

I had think enough what I had to do..
I am suffering all the time..
starting from 2day,I wont chase you anymore..
I give up chasing you..
You had a bf..and thats a fact..
I'll accept it..I wont deny anymore..
thats a better way for me to forget you..
hope you will happy with what decision you had made..
the world is big,open up your mind,what you wanna do just do it,nobody force you to continue with that relationship..what for you had a relationship that you dont need?

Sorry for what I had hurt you all the time we been together..
I just hope that we can stil be friend.

Thats what I really want,hope we are stil a friend.

-when you are gone-aLvis

Friday, September 11, 2009

everything has changed..








everything is changing..

there are no more miracles as what i thought of..

is jz hurting myself all de time..

i'm bluffing myself all the time..

everything has changed...

i'm no more longer that Alvis in form3...

i'm not a top student..

i'm not a good student...

is just a normal student who just wanna have fun n learning knowledge..


being complaint s d ranking 2nd of ponteng kaki in my class???

what the fish!!!#@$#@%$#@

many of my class friends oso ponteng,they even ponteng more days than me!!..

damn it!!..being screwed up...

stupiak teacher jz like to jump to conclusion all the time..

i hate this kind of teacher!!!!f off mann...


life are really complicated..

even in relationship..

I m hurting myself all the time..

why i need to suffer all this??!!!

izzit compulsory for me to experience this??

i'm growing..

i'm not anymore d last time alvis chan..

i got brain k..

i think alots when sumthing happen..

i jz wanna find out d truth...

being betrayed by a branch of friends!!!

fuck it!!!why?? that d betraying friends are fun..

then u all betray more..all are jz wearing a mask..

being good in front n backstabbed ppl bhind..

if u dare to do why don dare to admit???

thanks fucking friends,u let me noe there is no real friend in this world!!!!

this world are full of liers!!!!

i wont trust anyone anymore...

is jz a decision i hav to made before i'm being a fool play by u all..

i hav a vy vy "memorable" fuck up form5 lifez..



what is love?

loving sumone doesnt means that i'm wrong..

is just tat kind of feeling..

is just too strong..

i nvr ever hav this kind of feeling before..

i wanna chase u...but...what can i do anymor to cover my mistake?..

i m trying all de time to make you happy..

i had try my best..

i really love you..

stupid is SPM trial la..

how come you keep on reflash bac all the memory i had before??

i jz keep on thinking of u..everyday dream of u..


i cant take it anymore..

i really dunno what to do anymore..

my life has no more direction...

only you..

I love YOU .....

Thursday, September 3, 2009

i wan it....^.^

the colour that i prefer...

bluetooth watch

wanna change phone but no $$...haizzz....
who can buy it as birthday present for me??..wakakaka...
i'm dreaming....^.^